We’re Planting A Tree For Every Successful Candidate – Here’s Why

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Published: 06.09.22

Inflation, rising taxes, pay cuts… these are just some of the many issues broadcast on news outlets and plastered on the front pages in today’s fast-paced society. Whilst these crises are attention-grabbing, let’s not forget about one persisting, escalating issue going on in the background: climate change.

From the paper used to send important letters to firing up the office air-con in increasing summer temperatures, it’s easy to overlook the everyday activities that contribute to rising CO2 emissions, deforestation, and air pollution. So, what are corporations doing to diminish the effects of their operations on the environment?

Unfortunately, not as much as they should be. After reading an alarming (though unsurprising) statistic that more than 67% of UK corporations have no strategies, or intention to develop strategies, to reduce their climate impact, I felt compelled to put my skills into practice and help Cathcart Technology with theirs…

A flourish of inspiration

Shortly after starting my role at Cathcart Technology, I became aware of our existing sustainability initiatives: aiming to become a paperless office, implementing the cycle to work scheme, and monitoring in-office recycling to keep our landfill waste low. All of these are vital contributions to minimising our carbon footprint, but like any company (even in the recruitment industry!) that footprint isn’t non-existent.

As my knowledge on Cathcart Technology’s operations grew, I strived to develop a strategy that not only aims to offset our carbon emissions and rebuild the environment around us but is also at the heart of what we do: recruitment!

Our existing focus on reducing paper usage inspired the idea to re-establish the greenery around us. That’s why we’ve teamed up with eForests, who are devoted to planting trees in the UK’s most required areas to help make the planet a healthier place.

A blooming solution

It’s been an amazing year for Cathcart Technology. So, I thought it would be fitting to plant a tree for every candidate who has found a permanent job through us since the start of the financial year, every contractor working through us right now, and every candidate placed going forward. After all, we value the candidates that work with us and trust us to help find them the perfect job – it’s only right that they’re at the centre of our new sustainability initiative.

By planting trees for each candidate placed, we could start to offset the environmental impact of our operations – limiting the impact of CO2 emissions released through business activity, reducing pollution and city temperatures, and keeping soil nutrient-rich so nature can flourish naturally over time.

I began to propagate the idea throughout the company and, before I knew it, myself and the team were working hard on developing the roots of our new initiative – quite literally! We rolled up our sleeves and got digging through our deal archive to gather all the required information.

A whole lot of admin later, and we’re ready to get planting!

What’s next for Cathcart Technology?

Cathcart Technology is investing more time and resources than ever to ensure we reach our carbon neutral goal. We’re committed to benefitting society not only through helping people find their perfect job, but also through rebuilding the earth around us – the very thing that lets us do what we do best – by implementing responsible strategies to offset our carbon footprint.

Of course, we can’t battle the climate crisis singlehandedly, but we hope that by sharing our sustainable plans, we can inspire businesses around us to implement vital changes to their operations and invest in a greener future.

We’re excited to get the ball rolling with our new tree-planting initiative, and we hope you are too!

Looking to take the next step in your tech career? Get in touch with our team and join us on our environmentally responsible recruitment journey today.

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