Cathcart Technology Finland Salary Benchmarking Guide 2024

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Published: 07.02.24

Cathcart Technology are thrilled to release our 2024 Salary Benchmarking Guide! The guide has been created to help you make better-informed hiring decisions.

The technology labour market has experienced a shift in recent months. We are currently amid a global cost-of-living crisis as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and rising fuel and energy costs. Financial instability has prompted the working population to reassess their employment situation which has caused an influx in quitting and job switching.

Whilst inflation rates are expected to ease in 2024, salary increases are continuing on an upward trend with employers paying higher than average for talent. The ongoing talent shortage paired with staff retention issues and high levels of job switching has made the technology labour market increasingly competitive. Therefore, it is paramount that employers ensure they are providing a fair and competitive remuneration package to help attract and retain tech talent.

Our salary benchmarking guide enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the latest salary trends of 2024 within the technology sector. Providing data on the most up to date salaries from development to design, our guide will help you to comprise the right remuneration package for roles and support you in navigating the challenging hiring conditions ahead in 2024.

For more advice on competitive salaries and benefits packages, speak to one of our tech recruitment experts for free on +358 9 42452477.

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