Cathcart Technology Salary Benchmarking Guide 2023

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Published: 18.07.23

Cathcart Technology are excited to introduce our 2023 Salary Benchmarking Guide. Shared on our company LinkedIn page in May, the guide is designed to help you make better-informed hiring decisions.

The technology industry has not been the same since the Covid-19 pandemic. Studies have shown that the crisis was a catalyst for the rapid development of technology, finding that Covid-19 accelerated the industry’s growth by several years. Not only has it brought significant growth to the field of technology, but it has also had a profound impact on the way we work. Hybrid and remote working is now the new normal, meaning that the reliance on, and demand for, remote working technologies and support has also impacted the rate at which the industry has grown.

Likewise, the widescale adoption and utilisation of AI, robotics and digital technologies has expedited the demand for technical workers, causing notable talent shortages. This, paired with the increased demand for innovative technology, has placed the market in an unprecedented position. Having said that, changes to the state of the market are already evident. Moving from a candidate-driven marketplace towards a jobs-driven one, changes in demand for roles, as well the level of talent available, are all factors that contribute to shifting salary rates.

In a high-powered and dynamic market, its paramount that you offer the correct salary to new tech talent. Due to the competitiveness of the market, you should be transparent with the salary you are offering from the initial posting to help attract the right candidates, as well as setting their expectations from the start.

Our salary benchmarking guide enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the latest salary trends of 2023 within the technology sector. Providing an insight into the most up to date salaries from data to design, our guide will support you in comprising the right remuneration package for you.

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