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Published: 10.08.22

We’re thrilled to announce that Cathcart Technology has been granted a position on the Crown Commercial Service’s Permanent Recruitment 2 framework (RM6229).

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is a government organisation responsible for driving public procurement throughout the UK. Their role is to ensure the quality of common commercial services – and, ultimately, increase savings for the taxpayer. 

What is the CCS RM6229 framework?

The CCS RM6229 framework is divided into two lots:

Lot 1 – Clinical General Recruitment
Lot 2 – Non-Clinical General Recruitment

As a tech recruitment specialist, Cathcart has been awarded a position on Lot 2 for a period of two years – after which it can be extended pending review. It allows us to meet the hiring needs of UK public sector organisations who are looking to fill their technology-related roles.

Along with every central government department, the framework is available to all UK public sector bodies such as local authorities, charities, executive agencies, the health sector, police authorities, fire and rescue services, education providers and the devolved administrations, including the entirety of the Scottish Government.

What does it mean to be selected?

It was a privilege to even be considered for a position on the CCS framework. But we believe we’ve earned it over the years as we’ve dedicated ourselves to advancing the technology industry with our strategic job placements. One thing we’re especially proud of is this: of the 100 companies that have been granted public sector supplier status, Cathcart is just one of four headquartered in Scotland. It’s a true testament to the quality and accuracy of our services.

During the application process, a key part of our suitability assessment was the question of how Cathcart would ‘sell’ public sector vacancies to candidates. While a data engineering position in the health sector is often considered less glamorous than working for, say, Amazon, we excel in championing our clients’ employer value proposition (EVP). For instance, one of the biggest pulls for working in a civic role is the opportunity to do good and give back to your community. Another advantage is a healthy work-life balance. The CCS is confident in Cathcart’s ability to make these benefits known, and help public sector work attract more tech professionals.

The benefits of using the CCS framework

The Cathcart Technology team is especially excited about the opportunity to join the CCS framework as it was virtually impossible for us to supply to the public sector previously. Now, we’re able to channel our expertise into developing the UK’s technology infrastructure through highly effective talent search.

In terms of how this serves to benefit you, a public sector organisation – the CCS enables you to gain maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. Plus, each company on the framework has been subjected to extensive vetting by the CCS, so you can trust in our reliability as an experienced technology recruitment specialist.

Additionally, since we’re only dedicated to filling tech roles and focus only on Scotland and the North West in the UK, public sector organisations will now have the opportunity to partner with a recruitment supplier that focuses entirely on their region and technical requirement – for a competitive price.

Why choose Cathcart Technology?

We homed in on our niche a long time ago – and every day since then has been spent perfecting our craft. Not only are we the best at what we do, we’re also highly attuned to the places we do it. Recruiting throughout all of Scotland, the North of England, Finland, and Thailand, we channel our energy into tapping into the biggest tech hubs in the world.

Cathcart Technology has a long history of helping organisations fulfil their technology recruitment needs – and then some. But our dedication to our clients doesn’t stop there. We get right to the heart of the communities in which we operate, having organised both ScotML and MancML – two of the UK’s best and most attended data analytics meetups.

Sam Wason, Cathcart’s Co-Founder and joint MD, said: “We’re thrilled to be an approved public sector supplier via the CCS framework. The government goes to great lengths to ensure each company on the framework does what it says on the tin, and does it well, so it’s a real badge of distinction for us – demonstrating that we provide an exceptional service to all our clients.

We’re looking forward to having the opportunity to lend our expertise to the public sector over the course of the next two years – and hopefully even longer. It’s an exciting period of growth for us here at Cathcart Technology – as well as for the companies whose tech recruitment goals we’ll be helping to fulfil.”

To find out more about CCS, check out their website. And for a closer look at what Cathcart Technology can do for you, download our CCS prospectus. You can also get in touch with our team directly.

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Co-founder and Joint MD

Gordon Kaye


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