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A podcast series for tech entreneurs.

We spoke to some of the UK’s leading AI tech entrepreneurs to ask them about their experiences. What’s the secret sauce to bringing success to startups and established businesses.

Adam Sroka is the Data & AI Director at Incremental Group – a Glasgow based Microsoft partner. In this episode we chat about his background, education and his career from start-ups to where he is now. Music by Noisyfilter from Fugue
Richard Potter is the CEO of Manchester based SaaS company Peak who have built their own AI system which is helping companies across the UK leverage their data and give them access to Peak’s incredibly talented team of Software Engineers and Data Scientists. We cover his education, early career and how Peak came to be…...
A very quick intro into what this show is about, why I decided to do it and who I’ll be speaking to in the very first episode. Music by <a href=””>Noisyfilter</a> from <a href=”/music”>Fugue</a>

How AI Built This was created by Liam Wilson. Liam is responsible for winning new business, managing client relationships and ensuring our candidates have the best possible experience using our service.

Liam also co-organises & runs bothMancML and ScotML, two of the country’s best data analytics meet-ups.

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