Edinburgh TestBashX 2022 And The Future Of Events In Tech

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Published: 06.06.22

For the unfamiliar, Ministry of Testing – MoT for short – is a global software testing community designed to bring people together to share their experiences and ideas surrounding software testing.

One of the biggest and most widely attended MoT meetups is TestBash, a selection of all-day conferences held by MoT chapters all over the world. TestBash Scotland was initially due to debut here in Edinburgh back in 2020; two years and a whole global pandemic later, it finally kicked off…

Edinburgh’s first ever TestBash

As someone passionate about finding people software testing roles, I’m an active member of the MoT community here in Edinburgh. So, when TestBashX eventually rolled around, I wasn’t just any old attendee – I had a unique insider’s perspective. And my very first TestBash did not disappoint!

The day itself was so much more than just a conference – with a range of interesting and engaging talks broken up by fun 45-minute challenges. As a volunteer, I didn’t participate in the challenges myself, but I did collect a lot of scorecards – and with points for everything from team names to out-of-the-box thinking, it was a close race!

And, of course, in between it all, I had the chance to chat with people from every level of the testing industry – from recruiters like myself, and people in their second month of their software testing careers, right through to automation experts.

What TestBashX 2022 looked like

With just 100 tickets available, you had to secure your spot at TestBashX fast. But this was one tech gathering people weren’t going to miss! TestBashX Edinburgh attendees came from all over too – there were locals, people from London, Cardiff, Bristol, and more.

Each talk was extremely insightful, but one that particularly stood out to me was ‘How to Build a Test Portfolio, led by tech trailblazer Beth Marshall. Beth’s talk outlined the difficulties of presenting your skills and experience as a tester in CV form. She recommended the testing portfolio as a handy alternative – a way for testers to display all the different projects they’ve worked on that don’t necessarily suit a traditional format. I found this especially compelling since my line of work involves helping software testers stand out to new employers, so I’m always on the lookout for tips and tricks. 

One of the best parts of MoT is the community’s dedication to helping level the playing field in tech. A prime example of this is their 99-second talks – these can be prepared or off the cuff, and anyone can take the stage. This year’s rapid-fire talks ranged from recruitment to people sharing their early experiences of working in tech, and I found them extremely refreshing – a great way to foster confidence in the testing space. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get up there!

The future of events in tech 

When the first ever TestBashX had to be cancelled due to Covid, it was disappointing for the Edinburgh tech community to say the least. But if anything, this year’s event felt bolstered by those two years of built-up anticipation – no more Zoom webinars broken up by internet issues or cries of “You’re on mute!”, it was time for techies to mingle for real. 

In addition to being the first opportunity to test out the TestBashX format here in Edinburgh, it was also a chance to see how people in the tech community felt about attending in-person events again. I personally found myself hit with a bit of Zoom fatigue throughout the lockdowns, so I really enjoyed the opportunity to chat with fellow testing fanatics in the same room. The question is – did other attendees feel the same?

Over to you…

Following the success of this year’s long-awaited TestBashX, Ministry of Testing Edinburgh is keen to get back to hosting regular events. But have events changed forever? Would you prefer to be in the room, or sat at your computer? Or maybe a mixture of the two? Each format brings with it its own unique set of pros and cons, but what really matters is what you think!

So, if you’ve got strong opinions on how you’d like MoT Edinburgh to hold our meet-ups, comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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