The Benefits Of Building A Strong Relationship With Your Recruiter

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Published: 19.10.22

Traditionally, recruiters were always considered a bit of a nuisance – by clients and candidates alike. Then the global pandemic hit, and business owners were hammering down our doors for CVs. Likewise, job seekers began seeking more guidance on how to assert their needs, preferences, and expectations.

Over two years on, and it’s clear that recruitment is much more valued by both parties. It has now become more about building a close partnership with recruiters – one that supports each of their needs today and tomorrow. 

For clients

Positive client relationships are an essential part of any business, and recruitment is no different. In simple terms, the best client-recruiter relationships produce the best results – that’s why we at Cathcart Technology strive to deliver a personalised service at every turn. One thing that’s important to bear in mind, however, is that this approach to recruitment works two ways. 

Navigating a candidate-short market 

In today’s candidate-short market, the right recruitment services are key to accelerating your growth – a fact that business owners seem to be becoming increasingly aware of. While this is a win for the recruitment industry, it means that we have multiple clients wanting to fill multiple vacancies at any one time. How do you compete in such a dog-eat-dog world? You’ll be pleased to know that the answer is a lot simpler than you might think: all we ask is that you’re direct about your needs. 

Like I mentioned earlier, strong relationships in recruitment are a two-way street. No matter if you’re looking to fill a short-term vacancy or recruit a long-term team member, we want to make sure that we find the right fit. So, once we’ve covered all the hard skills that will help drive your business forward, we’ll go beyond the job description and talk soft skills – what does a candidate need to exceed your expectations in their professional relationships? Often, you’ll find that soft skills are far more indicative of long-term performance than the job requirements alone. 

Staying in touch

A common misconception surrounding recruitment is that our work is done as soon as the role is filled. Wrong. We aim to build long-term partnerships with all our clients – fostering clear paths of communication allows us to track candidates’ progress, and to meet your changing needs as a business. 

On top of that, we’ll be here when you need your next hire – with thousands of qualified professionals on file to help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for, and ultimately streamline your hiring process. Last but by no means least, once you’ve partnered with us on an effective recruitment strategy and we know what makes you tick, we’ll be quick to find a strong cultural fit. 

For candidates

Want to know the difference between a good recruiter and a great one? A good recruiter only considers one half of the equation – in other words, the client or the candidate – whereas a great recruiter always has the bigger picture in mind. After all, hiring someone who doesn’t fit the role is bad news for everyone involved.

Unlocking your dream move 

As recruiters, we’d be doing you a great disservice if we just fulfilled a client job description and sent you a role you weren’t suited to. When you approach our team with your career goals, you’re trusting us with your future – and you can rest assured that this isn’t something we take lightly. We know you don’t want to work with agency after agency, going through role after role, so we’ll only assist with your job search if we’re confident that we can add value to it. 

Recruiters have the power to help unlock your dream move. Not only do we constantly have our ear to the ground for excellent opportunities, but we also have solid connections with top companies. We have a wealth of information on market trends, salary statistics, company cultures, benefits and perks, and flexible and remote working – as well as the power to negotiate on all these factors on your behalf. 

Supporting your progression 

Recruitment is more than just ticking boxes – it’s about being creative. For instance, you may find yourself being approached by a recruiter at a time when you’re happy in your current position. When this happens, the Cathcart team is more than happy to take no for an answer, but not before we ask why. 

It might be that the role being offered doesn’t match your salary requirements, the commute is too long, or you’re looking for more responsibility. In any of these cases, we’ll keep your CV and requirements on file so we can come back to you when we’ve found the perfect next step for you. 

Your insider expert

Whether you’re a client looking to secure top talent or a candidate pursuing your career development, one of the most effective ways to nail your search is by partnering with an agency with proven industry expertise. As Scotland’s leading technology recruitment company, Cathcart Technology has been advancing the sector on both sides for more than a decade. 

The secret to our success? Creating clear lines of open, natural communication. We want you to be able to approach us with your queries so that we can introduce you to your next opportunity. 

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