How To Perfect Your Hiring Strategy To Win The Tech Talent War

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Published: 02.11.22

Despite economic uncertainty amid rising inflation, the tech recruitment market is still going strong. This is especially true throughout Scotland – where demand for tech professionals has increased by more than 200% in 12 months – although Accenture’s Stuart Glen advises that it’s a similar story throughout the UK, and is only going to continue.

If you’re looking to develop the tech arm of your business, it’s clear that now is the time to snap up top talent. And as your tech recruitment experts, the team at Cathcart is here to share the art of building a solid hiring strategy that supports your steady growth.

Get your house in order

To preserve the core of your business, start by assessing your short- and long-term needs. In the short term, think about the roles that are crucial to your day-to-day operations. Often for these roles it’s helpful to consider contractors – a lifeline for businesses looking for necessary work with a low level of risk, as high-quality and reliable freelance workers offer you greater flexibility on a temporary basis.

As for the long term, you need to analyse the skills gap within your team. What talents does your team need to continue innovating at the same (if not a greater) level? Taking the time to determine this will help guide your hiring decisions and ensure new employees are equipped to achieve your overall business goals. By adopting a consistent approach to hiring that you can stick to, you’ll be able to take advantage of the market while talent is ripe.

Sharpen your competitive edge

In a candidate-short market, it really is a race to find the best talent – and this calls for streamlining your interview process and avoiding lengthy candidate testing. But before you even reach the interview stage, you need to really sell the role. Why is your vacancy better than others currently on the market? What is your company’s USP? How can an employee pursue their professional development within your business? 

What’s more, are you able to offer attractive benefits beyond a holiday package and competitive salary? And when it comes to salary, are you meeting current market expectations? Compensation is critical to strategic workforce planning.

How Cathcart Technology can help

Strategic hiring decisions are the difference between competing effectively for top talent and finding yourself short of the staff you need to deliver your projects. With the right team members in place, you can protect everything you’ve built so far – as well as work towards any plans for the future. And partnering with an industry specialist puts you in a better position to find that talent within tight turnaround times.

Cathcart Technology is that industry specialist. We have an in-depth and unrivalled knowledge of the tech employment market, and a long history of matching talented professionals to leading companies. Want to get ahead? Reach out to a member of the team today.

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