Retaining International Tech Talent in Finland: Challenges and Solutions

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Published: 06.03.24

Finland has emerged as a magnet for international tech talent, thanks to its high standard of living, excellent education system, and thriving tech ecosystem. However, despite these attractions, retaining international talent can be challenging for employers.

Understanding the factors that influence talent retention and implementing strategies to address them are crucial for companies looking to maintain a diverse and skilled workforce.

Why is it difficult to retain foreign talent?

According to the International Tech Talent in Finland Survey 2023, there are several obstacles’ companies need to face to improve retention of foreign workers. Whilst the country has a lot to offer in terms of work-life balance, strong public infrastructure and good healthcare, Finland’s cold, dark climate, limited social life, and perceived lack of career advancement opportunities can deter international talent from staying long-term.

The survey findings suggest that foreign talent struggles to integrate in the culture and feel there is a lack of community for them. Respondents also believed they were subject to hiring biases because they are not a native Finn.

Strategies to improve retention of international talent

Career development planning

International talent has a clear desire for progression, so providing paths for career advancement and professional growth is essential for retaining foreign workers. Employers should offer unbiased promotion plans, mentorship programmes, and opportunities for skill development.

Social integration

Helping international employees build social circles and integrate into the Finnish culture can enhance their sense of belonging. Offering language training, cultural orientation programmes, and organising social events can facilitate integration and foster a supportive workplace culture. But also, providing a space for foreigners to speak their own language is essential for integration according to the survey.

Cultural sensitivity and inclusion

Creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture is essential for retaining international talent. Employers should promote diversity, provide cultural awareness training, and implement initiatives such as employee resource groups and mentorship programmes.

Transparent and non-biased hiring

International talent would benefit from having support from their prospective employer regarding the immigration and visa application process. Ensuring that your hiring process is fair and supportive throughout each stage poses a great opportunity for attracting and retaining international workers.

Evaluating current retention strategies and identifying areas for improvement are essential steps for companies seeking to optimise their talent management practices and create a supportive environment for international employees, and ultimately strengthening their competitive stance in the global market.

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